Oct 23, 2017

Colorful Autumn All Purpose Card for October Mini Camp

Today's card is the last project we will make Thursday afternoon at Mini Camp.  I think those coming will really like it!  The colors are so pretty together.  It can be used for Thanksgiving, Thank You, Thinking of You, Birthday - the inside (as seen in the video) is stamped with leaves - but I left off a sentiment - as the front lends itself to a lot of different occasions.

This stamp bundle is so incredibly versatile.  It literally has stamps for every season.  The dies are intricate and beautiful.  One hit - I often see stampers when working on a project like this make two common errors which make their final project not be as professional looking as what they want at the end.  When stamping an image such as the leaf - make sure to turn it every time you stamp.  You will notice in the video, it's not only the leaf - but the stems would start to make an unattractive pattern.  Also go OFF the paper.  Unless you are masking a border intentionally - trying to stay on the card makes your project look smaller and uneven.  Watch as the card gives the illusion of getting bigger and bigger as the color fills the area.  And always start with your biggest images. It is easiest to go back and fill in with the smaller ones!

If you are in the Indianapolis area and want to make this card - message me and join us this Thursday at Mini Camp!

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