Oct 8, 2017

Dressing Up the Green Sprigs with Embossing Paste and Diamonds

Today's post is a quick one - and you will start to see some of these pop up on projects over the coming weeks as previews of Countdown to Christmas class make their way to the schedule!

I will be the first to admit - when I first saw the "Green Sprigs" in person with friends - they were not really doing it for me.  I mean - they ARE plastic.  And....the scale.  They reminded me of when I was forced to decorate the Christmas tree at the office.  The really cheap tree that someone bought at the hardware store 80% off.  And the ends drop off.  These were the ends.

But - I ordered them.  Because I will give anything a second chance.  And now I have ordered my 5th box.  And I am in love.

I still have not used them on a card - but that's ok - it's the holidays and we will have lots of chances for making a project where just a touch of green goes a long way to add a little something.

The love affair began when I decided to try dressing the plastic up a bit.  I simply took an old paint brush and literally brushed on a very liberal coat of embossing paste.  I let it sit a couple of minutes and then doused it with dazzling diamonds.

Everything is better with diamonds.

They sparkle.  They look so vintage-y.

And then - yesterday - it was truly magic.  I was making an Autumn version of my Christmas jar.  And I added a sprig.  Green.  No paste.  And I liked it.

Some love affairs just take more time than others!

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Teresa Snyder-Granberry said...

So pretty! Love the 'snow' on the sprigs.