Oct 31, 2017

Glenmoriston, Grouse and Glenfinnan - Scotland Start of Day 5

I can't believe we are up to Day 5 of our Scottish Adventure!  If you have missed any of the days up to this point (which include Edinburgh, St Andrews, Stirling and the Isle of Skye - then you can head over here -of course I have not figured out how to load them in reverse....so they are not in Day Order.  If anyone has Blogger knowledge on that - I would love a mini tutorial!  Anyway - HERE)
We overnighted at the most wonderful Bed and Breakfast.  Had we known it was so fabulous I would have made it a base for a couple of nights and gone out from there.  It is located in a central location - but in such a nice remote feeling area.  The hostess has thought of everything.  Rooms - perfect.  Coffee, Tea and all kind of treats in the rooms.  A huge menu to pre-select from so just what you want is waiting for is ready at breakfast.  The bathrooms were like being at a Spa.  Seriously - if you are ever in the West of Scotland, stay here.


Scottish breakfasts are a funny thing to me - eggs on a cup.  Perfection.  Porridge.  A stage above perfection.  Black pudding.  Well.......... lol.

We could have stayed all morning.  It was like being home.  Actually it was like being at Nicki's home in Australia while she served breakfast - which is the highest compliment I know how to pay.

We had fun discussing the state of affairs in the world.  Scottish independence.  Brexit.  Trump.
You know - easy subjects :)

Then it was off to start our day.
From Glenmoriston we were off to Glenfinnan.
But Ris wanted to see some Grouse.

Actually we saw thousands.
But mostly dead along the side of the road.  
It was like wombat spotting in Australia all over again.

So when we spotted some live ones we quickly pulled over.

The train footage that is used in the Harry Potter films (ok, confession time - I have not seen an entire movie...any of them.  Family - huge fans.  I attempt to - and fall asleep.  So sorry) but apparently this train place - somewhere in HP.

In the Spring and Summer they offer a Harry Potter some kind of something ride - but since it wasn't open - I didn't look into it.  Had it been, I am sure we would have done it.  From memory it goes out to Skye.

Two bonuses:  Because it was opening soon - someone was there planting flower pots, so he was able to unlock the loos for us!  Yea!!  Serg asked him for the bathroom.  He responded that there was no bath.  Which he thought doubly funny correctly an Aussie for his improper use of wording. 

Second - we were the ONLY other people there.  So the deer walked a while with us!  If you have read any of my other posts so far - you might think I say it too much....but I am going to say it again - Magic.  I should search these pictures for fairies.  They are probably in them. 

I think these guys are on the official payroll for the Scottish Tourism Board.  Look straight at the camera.  Majestic pose.  Stare.  Even my crappy 1985 camera might have gotten an ok shot of these guys because they were so close to us.

This past summer we visited Williamsburg Virginia. There is a part of the walk there where you leave the park to go to Colonial Williamsburg that looks so very similar to this.  

Can we give a welcome back to the Scottish weather that I remember?  At least it wasn't raining.  And it wasn't particularly cold either.

Off in the distance you can see the monument to the Jacobite rebellion.  

While the Harry Potter train tour isn't on - the regular train was running - and one happened past while we were there.

Blue skies.  Green Grass.  Just imagine......

It isn't the world's longest, nor the world's steepest walk - but it is a hike to get around the side of the crags to see the viaduct.   Because we (of course) had a full day of activities ahead of us - it was decided that it would be a great idea to turn it in to a Fun Run!

Those of us that decided to have half the fun waited half the way up and sent the cameras on with the runners!

The nice part of that is if I ever need it, I will have a great picture of myself all alone on a desolate crag on a cloudy day in my Bonnie Scotland.

I will leave Day 5 here for now.....  it ends with amazing sunsets on the coasts in Oban!

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