Oct 8, 2017

Stampin' Up! at the Fair

I am part of this crazy group and we are trying some crazy business strategies to stretch and to grow.  This month we are posting to our websites.  Every.  Single.  Day.

But this week has been so busy.  And it's Sunday.  So for today I am going to take it a little easy and just show you the rest of the pictures that I took Saturday.

My daughter and I did a fair.  We met some lovely ladies - some we hope will join us to stamp soon.

The nice thing about doing it - was it made me get some of the projects done a little bit more quickly than I might have before.  Over the next two weeks - I will be able to show you projects from both the Countdown to Christmas 1 (October) and Countdown to Christmas 2 (November) as well as give you the links to where to buy the non- Stampin' Up! Supplies if you want to be able to make them on your own!

Monday and Tuesday I should have some videos up to close out the 15% off special - followed by some Christmas project videos.

Enjoy your Sunday - and see you back here on Monday with some more inspiration!

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