Oct 31, 2017

It's almost time to Color!! Stampin' Blends Kick Off Special - Freebies, Training and more!

*should read 2017
EEEEEEKKKK!  I am so excited for you to get your Blends!  Tomorrow is the day!  It is almost as good as Christmas Eve - without all the work that us moms have to do to get the magic of Christmas to happen.  Here is what you need to know before ordering begins (or if you are reading this after Nov 1 - read it and then go on to the Nov 1 post to find out exactly how to order)

From Nov 1 - Nov 30 I will have a Stampin' Blends Kick Off Special.  Please Note - a few of the specials are Kick Off WEEK only and will expire on Nov 7th.

Here we go:
When you Purchase the FULL set of Blends from me you will get training on how to use them from my Blends Learning Center.  Training will begin in late November.  This will give you time to order, receive and start to use them and get a feel for them.

In late November I will send you information on entry to a password protected website where there will be video training.  This will be up close and slow - not my short and simple video series if you are familiar with those.  I have saved some of my Blends that are currently out there and will be turning those into PDFs for you to see exactly how to use your Blends.

They are not just to look like markers - they should give you a Blended look.

Purchase the Full Set by Nov 7th and you will also get a plastic wood stamp set case that you can use to store your blends in.

If you purchase the full set of Blends + the Color Me Happy PROJECT KIT from me in November you will also get a FREE Color Me Happy STAMP SET!!  This set is designed specifically to be used with the Blends and will give you a great style to practice your new artistic skills out on during our training time!

If you are in the Indy area there will be 2 classes in my home that will be FREE to you to attend - bring your Blends set - and come make the projects and get my personalized help.  If you are not local there will be a Facebook Live class the week following the Indy classes.  You will be given a discount to purchase some of the products so you can have them ready in your home to use while we do the virtual class together.

I will NOT be posting all of the training materials on my general website or anywhere else.  If you order your BLENDS from me you will get this training.  I will continue my Short and Simple videos - but I know it is harder to see exactly what it is happening in those.

The ONLY other way to get the training is to be part of my Demonstrator Team!  Join in November and get your Blends with your Demonstrator Discount and you are welcome to be part of all of the training as well!

Check back tomorrow for information on how to order!

When you order the Full Set AND the Project Kit in November from me - I will send you this stamp set FREE!

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