Oct 11, 2017

Playing with the New Blends and a FREE Wooden Storage Case Offer!

A fun sneak peek today playing with the new (and yet to be released!) Stampin' Blends.  These are an alcohol based marker so they blend really well (thus the name).  The color isn't saturated like regular markers.  Here, see for yourself, in today's Short and Simple video.

This is a card that we made last week at my demonstrator event.  The end of the video you can see the comparison of the card made with the watercolor pencils and the one made with the new Blends.  I will do some additional comparison coloring for you to see the difference.  Bang for buck, the watercolor pencils will always win - as there is no other coloring method that gives you so much color for so little money.  But to feel like an artist - and a true artist quality medium in the blends.

On the left is the watercolor pencils with the blender pen and on the right colored with the Blends.

This is always a fun card design - the glitter paper, tinsel and tiny bow are a fun window for the greeting with the main decoration actually being inside the card.  The stamp set Mistletoe friends is a fun one to practice coloring.  The font used for the greetings is such a cute one.
The Blends are not yet available to customers - a date should be given to us in the near future for when they will be.  So - if you want to get them now - you need to be a demonstrator.  Great news!  Sign up and you can order the entire set as part of your starter kit - save $25 on ordering the set.  

Each color comes in a Dark and a Light - making your blending choices very easy.  There are 3 other blends - ivory, bronze and the color lifter.  Of course we are all hoping that with the 48 wonderful colors that Stampin' Up! has that more colors will be added to the line.

Do you like my holder for my Blends?  Custom made, with room for more colors as the collection of colors hopefully grows.  Would you like one?  Would you like one for FREE?  Well - I have a way that you can get one at no cost - Actually, I have TWO ways, so you can choose which way works best for you!

1) Sign up to become a demonstrator on my team!  You will need to sign up between Oct 11 and Oct 15th to get the Blends in your starter kit.   Once you have your kit,  I will help you get on your way to starting a fun part time business.  If you hit your first $2000 in sales by the end of January 2018 - then I will have your wooden Blend holder sent to you!

2) Blends Loyalty Program - this one is easy!  Purchase the Blends - or anything you want - and once your orders hit $1000 by the end of January 2018 - then I will have your wooden Blend holder sent to you!  Good news for you.....the orders can be part of a workshop that you a hostess for - so in home, online, virtual - or even just collect orders from friends - or have your husband or family submit orders for you for Christmas gifts.  As long as your name is the Customer name on the order, they will tally for your total.

orders and starters kits need to be placed on my website
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comment below if you have ANY questions!

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