Oct 30, 2017

Stampin' Blends Arrive on Nov 1 - Tutorials, Virtual Classes and FREE Gift with Purchase!

We are just hours away from the release of the new alcohol artist quality Stampin' Blends markers!!
For the 8 year old girl in you who stacked her coloring books on the floor and colored for hours dreaming she was an artist - it's your day!  These markers are the bomb.  Dot.com.

Just a couple of things today - check back again tomorrow for a bit more and then on Wednesday to order.
I want to point out to those of you who LOVE to color and can not wait to get your hands on these BLENDING tools - it does matter who you purchase them from.  I love all kinds of coloring.  If you check out my Youtube channel you can see I have an affinity for it.  Not everyone does - some people love the quick and easy fulfillment that a simple and clean two step stamp process offers.

When you order your Blends - make sure to order them from someone who will be able to teach you to BLEND with them.  Someone who will teach you to use them with other Stampin' Up! products.  Someone who will love them as much as you do.

Not everyone will.

Purchase the full set of blends from me in November - and you will receive the following:
*FREE Color Me Happy 10 piece stamp set
*FREE Access to my password protected BLENDS tutorial site
*FREE Live or Virtual Classes January - March 2018
*FREE PDFs of training and tips in using your Blends
*FREE plastic storage container for your Blends
*Discount booklet good through March 18 for items I use in classes with Blends

I will have some videos on my YouTube channel with Blends training.  However during this introduction period to get this in depth training you will need to be part of this group or part of my downline.  It is difficult to film close up, so I will be slowing some of my videos down and turning them in to PDF and virtual training for my Blend Customers!  Don't miss this one time opportunity.

More information tomorrow!
                                                                                   **should read 2017

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