Oct 27, 2017

Today It's Back to Scotland!

In June I quit my office job with a goal to give focus to my own business again.  July was spent traveling on some vacations with both of my sisters and my family and then in August it was "back to work".  This month I was part of a challenge to blog every single day.  And it has been just that - a challenge!  This week has been so busy....then my phone updated and my watermark app no longer functions.  I had 2 different groups of ladies here yesterday - and - well - I decided it was not worth the sheer effort it took to get something posted.  So, I didn't.

The job I left I had Fridays off - so for today - I didn't work.  It was nice!  And I decided to get back to posting the pictures from our trip that I promised so many of you that I would - and only made it through half of day 4. 

Next week it is back to full on craziness.  Then the following week we are off to Salt Lake City (yea!).  But I have made it a goal to at least get the Scotland and Iceland pictures all on before we go to Ireland....in an ideal world I will have some Italy ones on to (I know, first world problems....).

If you missed the first 4 and a bit days of the trip and want to see those (otherwise you may be under the false illusion that Scotland has sunny and wonderful weather every day!) - just click HERE

Finishing Day 4 - I left off with us just about at the top of the Isle of Skye.  We had one day on the Isle - so we were looping around as quickly as we could. 

 From up on the ruins.
It was just a few kilometers down the road from Quiraing, so we still had the spectacular cloud formations.

 We stopped at the ruins of Duntulm Castle.  It is a narrow little pass down to the shore's edge and then a hike up to a roped off area - complete with some warnings.  Serg and Karisa hiked up to the ruins.

This is where you park your car - obviously not a highly sought after tourist spot!  Up in the left hand corner you can see the ruins.

Across the water you can see the snow capped mountains on the Isle of Lewis.

 Duntulm Castle was the home of the Clan MacLeod.

Apparently if you go to visit the Isle of Skye in the summer months - the roads can be lined with traffic and parking can be difficult to find.  We were often the only people in areas that we stopped in.  And this was the only traffic problems we encountered:

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