Oct 19, 2017

When the Blog Posts Don't Go as Planned!

Halfway through a month long challenge of posting to the blog.  Every.  Single.  Day.  So far I have not missed a day!  They have not always been the post I have intended - not even close - but there have been posts every day.

Today there are a myriad of things that I could have gone with, but it was one of those days that went as planned - but everything is getting away from me.

You may have caught Chip and Joanna Gaines on their book tour.  I saw them on one of the morning news shows yesterday.  They commented that there are few couples left where she has lots of creative ideas and he can just make them happen.  Well, raise our hands - cause we are one.  And when the mood (as in demo day) strikes - we remodel.  I get ideas (and lots of them) and my husband can just make them happen.  One day we will have to move or start remodeling the rooms we have already renovated.  But our house is in total torn to the concrete stage as it can get.  The project we are working on is doing both the first and second floor - at the same time - so literally ALL of it is in upheaval.  I have classes here next week - so we are on a time crunch!

That said - I have the leaf card from Tuesday, worked on a project as I stamped with friends most of the day today AND some new blend things to show......BUT the project I took to work on today required me getting something out of my spice cabinet....I KNEW I had cloves - but it was a disorganized mess.  When I got home this evening - spices everywhere.  With all of the rest of the mess - this was one little mess that I could "quickly" control.

Here is the end result of how my little stamping project from this morning led to a nicely organized stamp drawer.

 When we renovated the kitchen a few years ago we ripped out part of the cabinets.  This section my husband then built into an island on wheels.  We can roll it out of the way when needed.  About half of my spices are kept here.  All of my extracts and essences/salts/ baking powders are over by the stove.  I collect more than craft supplies, lol.

I have a Stampin' Chalk marker that I keep in the drawer and another over in my pull out cabinets.  I have some large rolls of chalk washi tape.  It's easy to just pull some off, tear it and then write what it is.  It's cute, too, and a little cute in the kitchen is always a fun thing!

We moved the cabinets so we could move the fridge into their place - giving the illusion that it was built in.  He built a great cabinet overhead to store all the large size pans, punch bowls, cookie platters and things that generally don't fit well anywhere.  Then with the long thin strip we have left he put in two pull outs and a great cat food drawer.

The bottom pull out holds cans on one side and on the other I have ball jars filled with nuts, dried fruits and rices.  That is where I have my second chalk marker and washi labels.  I had taken salad with walnuts for our lunch and noticed that the label was rubbing off.  Because these don't get washed often I went ahead and traced over a few of these.  Most of my house may be a mess, but my kitchen has two tiny spots tonight that I feel I have control over.

Sometimes victory is in the little things.

And - I HIGHLY recommend the chalk marker!

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