Oct 24, 2017

Wine Mulling Gift Set Featuring Stampin' Up! Treat Tubes and Half Full - wonderful hostess gift for the holidays!

I have another fun Treat Tube project for you!  This time I have filled my tubes with spices and EVEN LIQUID for a delicious Mulled Wine recipe.  You - and the Lucky Recipient you give it to will both love it.  It's going to take a couple of posts to give you all of the instructions - so check back tomorrow where I will give you the stamping supplies and the stamping instructions.

Today we will just go over the kit itself as well as the ingredients in it.  This kit is for mulled wine - but it can easily be switched over to some hot cider and punch drinks.  In fact it isn't Christmas in our household until the "Hot Punch" is served.  Growing up it was reserved for Christmas Eve/Day, but it has since taken over the entire month of December.  I often give the pot and ingredients as a wedding gift.  This scaled down version will be a fun hostess or teacher gift.

But today - we are all about the wine.  Last week when I was concocting the recipe it was in the 80's here.  Today it is just in the 40's - perfect for a warm glass of wine.  I filled one of our acrylic boxes with Penzey's spices.  I have pretty much used exclusively Penzey's for the last 20 years.  Their prices are good and the spices are always so fresh.  We have one in town - before we did I ordered from their catalog.  We even stopped at their store in Madison a million years ago on our way to a Stampin' Up! convention in Minnesota.  I have added the links below because if you buy the ingredients in the grocery a) expensive and b) hard to find.  Save yourself time and money and just get theirs!  One of the tubes is also FILLED WITH LIQUID!!!  I know - isn't that FREAKIN FANTASTIC?!  A friend has been making snowtubes and I got the idea from her.  I sealed it a couple of weeks ago - pressed the cork in tightly and wrapped it in washi tape.  Have tilted and turned it all around to test for leaks - nada!

Then to finish it off I have made wine stem "charms" - but the nice thing about my charms is they are paper - so your guests can simply write their name on one side so no one has to remember WHAT THE HECK does my charm look like.....after a glass or two of wine.  I did the recipe for 1 glass of wine.  I have included in the kit empty tea bags - so simply fill the tea bag with the spices, simmer and enjoy!

 The vast majority of Indiana wines are too sweet for me - but I did use one that I like in this Oliver Winery Soft Red.  Use any of your favorite red wines.  If you like it sweeter, add a T of sugar or honey at the start.  Here are the other ingredients:  whole cloves, whole cardamom, orange peel, cinnamon stick, dehydrated diced ginger and the liquid is Wild Turkey American Honey (bourbon).  I imagine you could make the entire thing with Apple Cider and it would be equally as good - just leave out the bourbon as well.  Next week I will try to get the non-alcoholic kits up.

Tomorrow come back for the craft supplies and instructions.  If you will be visiting someone's home for Thanksgiving - what a fun and unique way to say Thanks!
 Here are all of the non-Stampin' Up! items (besides the alcohol) used in the kits:


Mary Hall said...

I love this project. I can't see any links to the items that are not Stampin' Up! I would love to see these sources. Thanks.

Cheri said...

the links are all at the bottom of the post - not sure why you are unable to view them? They link to Amazon.

Mary Hall said...

I am in chrome and in the section that you say that the links are below is blank on my screen. Can you give me the links. Thanks.

Mary Hall said...

Unfortunately they are embedded Amazon ads and my computer blocks those.