Nov 11, 2017

Countdown To Christmas Two Class - Indianapolis Friday November 17 - Updated

Come get some of your Christmas Prep done a smidge early at this fun class!  This Countdown Class is designed so you can pick to do what projects you need to take to use or take to replicate more in time for the holidays.  Due to the nature of many of the items we will be using the class has a strict RSVP date of November 13th.  You also need to let me know WHICH projects and HOW MANY of each you want to do when you reserve you want to do.  Projects are updated to include the boxes and S'mores.  Some will be repeated in December.

**If you are worried about time, just email me.  Several of the projects can be finished (adhered, finished coloring, etc) at home.  Especially if you are making more than one.  You could finish one at class, stamp the pieces you need and finish what you need at home.

For those that are able - it will have an early start time.  If you can't make it - just come when you can.  Some of the projects will be available again at the December Countdown Class.

Countdown to Christmas Two - Friday Nov 17 - come anytime after 6pm - arrive no later than 7:30
Class is priced according to the projects that you select - Once you choose your first project - then select the additional price for remaining projects.  The least expensive choices count as your additional projects.

Hot Chocolate Bar - will also include a Gift Card made with Hug in a Mug stamp set
$15 (as additional project $12)

Greeting Card Gift Set - Acrylic Box Filled with 6 Occasion Cards 
$15 (as additional project $12)

Mulled Wine Gift Set (will include Christmas Gift Card with Half Full Set)
$15 (as additional project $12)

Thanksgiving Hostess Jar (unfilled)
$8 - if doing any other projects include this as your additional project

*****There is also a Quick Christmas Card Selection - that I have run out of time to get finished and photographed.  It is 10 cards and envelopes - easy, stamped, no coloring - trust me very pretty!
That choice is  $18 and $15 as an additional.  This is ideal if you still need GREAT Christmas Cards to send as you can easily finish up to 20 at class.

S'mores Party - $15 - $12 as additional - will include s'mores kit and a terra cotta decorated roaster with a sterno pot for indoor s'mores making

Bethlehem Christmas Set - 5 cards + 5 envelopes 
$15 ($12 as additional project) 

Stacked Boxes - these beautiful boxes can be filled with lightweight presents or simply used as stunning decorations in your home or as a decorative gift for a loved one.  Will include the pattern for all the size boxes so you can make more at home.  $14 ($12 as additional project)

 Remember - you must RSVP by November 13 - and you must include your class selections.

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