Dec 1, 2017

Nativity and New Year Luminaries - Easy way to add celebration DIY handmade ambiance to your holidays!

Yesterday I shared the video of how to make these simple luminaries using Stampin' Up's Hearts Come Home Dies.

Today - I have the same concept - I just switched up the dies.

The first uses the Bethlehem Nights die for a lovely little Nativity.  There are two dies that have Eastern skylines, but I just used one and cut off the parts that I needed.

I mounted the star on the front and the Family on the back  - gold side facing front.  A fun alternate for these would be for each piece to be on their own block.  I didn't use the Shepherds at all, so you could easily have several more pieces with just the one die set.

The next design is for New Years.  Again, because mine is designed with a class in mind, I kept all the dies on one block.  But you could easily do one number per block for a really fun centerpiece for your New Years Eve party!

I have filled each of my designs with one of the upcoming 2018 Occasions Catalog - some super fun shreddie!  I ordered 3 packs of it....the picture below shows it.  I will have shreddie FOREVA!

I used all three colors - a different one in each of my designs.  Since you can't order it til January, if you would like to make the luminaries and need some shreddie - here is what I will do - simply order any of the 3 die cuts that I used from me by Dec 8 - and I will stuff a little envelope with shreddie and send some to you at no charge!

The shopping list for the luminaries is in yesterday's post - so just scroll back one day and you will find everything you need there.  I am going to post the video again here - it is the box using the Hearts Come Home dies.

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