Feb 17, 2018

Artistry Inspired - Sweet Soiree - Working with Silver Embossing Paste

Those of you participating in the Sweet Soiree Artistry Inspired home class will LOVE working with the Embossing Paste when you get to class 3!

While I was creating the samples I took a few pictures so you could see just how simple the paste is - but even while it is simple - it gives a great dramatic element to your cards, tags and packaging.

You can see my jar of paste - it isn't runny.   It is the dead of winter here and has been since I have used this paste.  I don't know if once we go from our dry and heated air to our humid Indiana summer if it will change the consistency or dry time...but for now - it is nice and thick and dries within a fairly short time.

The jar shown here was used in one of my downline meetings (about 18 ladies) and in my camps and with my own creations (maybe another 10) - so did about 28 of the panels seen here and still had that much left in the jar.

If you are interested in giving the paste a try as part of the class - you will get access to the Facebook group for some assistance - you can find more information on the Artistry Inspired Class by clicking HERE

You can see a finished project made with this same background HERE

And if you are interested in a project made with the white shimmer paste - that can be found HERE

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