Mar 6, 2018

Artistry Inspired: How it Works - Lovely Wishes Registration Open Now through March 9th

I am opening up my Artistry Inspired Class:  Lovely Wishes for a very limited time this week.  Very limited as in you have to have signed up for the free class by 6 EST pm Friday March 9th.  

The last time it was open I had so many questions....I think it caused just as much confusion as interest, lol.  So this time, I am going to peel back the covers and show you a little bit about WHAT my intent is with the classes and exactly how they work!  Here we go! 

1.  The projects will never be part of my camps or classes done in my home.  They are designed specifically for my Artistry Inspired Classes.  While the classes are in the 'ordering' stage you won't see any photos or videos of the projects.  Just snippets of supplies and maybe parts of the cards.  I want to save the fun for when you do your class.  BUT - so you can see what THIS class includes - these are the 3 cards that will be made in the Lovely Wishes class.

2.  There is no charge for the class and you get the materials to make the cards free as well.  So for this class - you get the cardstock shown here, the ribbons, the sequins, the boxwood wreath, etc - all that is free.  Often I include dimensionals, or another item valued at $10 or less as well free in your class.

3.  I put together the products that you need to do the class.  Then, there is a Paypal link in the blog post (for this class it will be down below) or in the email you get about the class.  This way you do not have to go to my website and enter each individual item. I then know that you have gotten what you need and have 'registered' by purchasing the class products.  One click, one safe, secure payment and you are in.  
Because some of you may already have an item that is included - you have 24 hours to email me if you need to swap out an item.  For example, if you already have  the shimmery white paste included in this class - then pick any item $9 or less and just email me.  When I put your order in, I will just sub that out for you!
4.  Some classes will be designed for crafters who may not have any stamping supplies at all - which was the case with the January Artistry Inspired Class.  That class was an all inclusive one.  This week in addition to the products you order to be part of the class - you will need to have some basic supplies on hand.  Those will always be listed.  Should you not have them, you can email me and we can easily add them to your order and include them with your supplies.

5.  Some months you may also need a Big Shot - or there may be an upgraded fee to get the dies included already cut out.  With the class this week, there is one embossed piece and it is just included as part of your freebies!

6.  Last month the class had so much paper and supplies you could have had 10 friends over and they all could have made the projects as the products ordered were paper based.  This week you will be ordering stamps and getting paper, so it is a one person class.  Some classes focus on the stamps and there versatility other times I may focus on a new technique.
7. Hopefully that helps!  I post the class - you have a limited time to register.  Sign up by simply clicking the link -pay the fee (which is the product + shipping + tax) 24 hours to let me know if you need a substitution.

8. I place all the orders - cut up all the project supplies.  Once your products are here I package them with your class PDFs, your card materials and ship them off to you.

9.  Easy classes may just have a PDF.  Some classes will also have a 6 week period of a private Facebook group where the videos will be posted and you can all ask questions as you watch the videos and complete your projects.  Why just 6 weeks?  This is for 2 reasons - 1 to encourage you to get your items out and get the projects done!  Secondly, many Stampin' Up! items are only available for a limited time.  This will avoid disappointment should you want to order more to make more projects and items no longer be available.

So - Now you have an overview of what all classes would be like - and you have seen the three projects that will be sent with this weeks VERY LIMITED re-opening of Lovely Wishes class.  

You can 'register' by the Paypal link below through 6pm EST Friday March 9th.  
We leave the country the following weekend - and I want to put orders in before camp this weekend.  Expect your class to arrive sometime in early April after we return to the States.

Want a little further peek??  All three projects use Brusho - and all in a different way!  Here is the sped up video of the first project.  Want the PDF that goes with it?  In the PDF - you get pictures (so those stay after the Facebook group closes),  the names of the items you are using in case you want to order more and more detailed instructions and tips on how to do the projects.  To get the PDF you must be part of my email list and email me to let me know to send it to you.  It is for the wreath project only.
This is what you get for ONE card - shimmer cardstock, embossed shimmer cardstock, white cardstock, boxwood wreath, copper ribbon.

Here is the video on how you would make the card.  Videos and instructions for the other two projects are only available for class participants.

Included in your order will be:
Lovely Wishes Photopolymer Stamp Set
Lots of Lavender Photopolymer Stamp Set  **Bonus FREE set during Sale-A-Bration
Shimmer Paste
Brusho set (all colors are in the set)
Wink of Stella
1 Aquapainter  
free supplies include cardstock, ribbon, embellishments to complete the 3 projects

To complete your projects you will also need: the Stampin' Up! archival Black pad, the acrylic blocks to use the photopolymer stamps, adhesive and either a nearly empty Wink of Stella or a small artist style paintbrush.
When you click on the Paypal link you can pay with any credit card or a Paypal account.  It is charging you for the products listed above, the shipping to my house and the Indiana sales tax.  Just like you filled out the order form for those products at my table, I tally it up and you pay the one price - you don't need to type it all out and fill everything out.  Paypal will record you have paid for this grouping of products under my business account.

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