Mar 19, 2018

Bringing Spring In!

As I was cleaning out my phone to make room for more pictures to take on our trip - and getting all the video uploaded that will post while we are gone - I ran across these that I took one really cold day.

It was so close to SPRING on the calendar - but those of us that live in the Midwest know that can mean it can be so cold or so warm - it can change from year to year!  2018 has been a cold one.

But a trip to a couple of craft stores and Home Goods and you can bring the bright colors of spring right indoors.  When the winter sun shines - you can fool yourself to thinking the daffodils must be blooming outside!

Several years ago my brother in law carved wooden dough bowls for all of us - it is one of my favorite things to change out each season.

It was FUN to put the Christmas things in - but always fun to take it out when the time comes!

This year when March collides right in to Easter my St Patricks 'display' gets one poor little shelf!  That's ok, since we will spend the last two weeks in Ireland - the real deal will beat the decorations for sure.

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