Apr 11, 2018

Tired of Talking Color Yet?

Today my new colors arrived and my husband was kind enough to help me rearrange my cabinet this afternoon.  My poor fingers are so dry and messing with cardstock for too long literally causes my fingers to bleed.  Not a great problem to have when you are a papercrafter.....so when the whole thing needed a change I was glad for his help!

How would you like to see how the like colors that are leaving and coming match up?  I thought so!

Here are the new blues above and the blues that are leaving below.  I have been asked if Blueberry Bushel is Brilliant Blue - as you can see - no!  It isn't nearly as just a regular blue as Brilliant was - but maybe a Brilliant for the new century, lol.  Same with Balmy Blue - it is not Bashful.  Both of the new colors have more 'depth' to them than the colors from the 90s did.

Here are the Blues that are leaving

Now for the Greens.  Above the ones we are losing.

Then - for those of us who love to watercolor - especially all of the florals and outdoor type stamps - look at what we will be able to do with all of these!  I have included some of the shades that tend blue/green here (they could have gone in the blue as well).  The sun was pretty shiny while taking the pictures (a miracle in Indiana right now!) so the Sea Foam is a bit washed out in the picture.

Is that not a great group of colors?  Looking at them now I do wish that I had taken a picture with the Bermuda, Cabana and Pool in with the Blues.....when you get your paper you can do that!

Reds that are leaving.....

And such a pretty group of Pinks and Reds to work with.

An up close of the Reds - although Merlot is so deep you could almost put it with the purples!  Can't wait to color in the wine stamps with that ink!

Here are the pinks.  The Petal Pink will be nice to watercolor ever so slightly with for a nice skin tone.

Losing one orange - no yellows.
And here are the Oranges and Yellows we have now.  Mango is such a nice bright yellow!

We are losing Chocolate Chip - but filling out the new neutral palettes are some fun new greys.

And finally the Purples - losing 3 - but those 3 have been around a long while and feel so last century, lol.  Look at that new line up!   It's a nice range from light to dark and subtle and bright!

 Remember you can get retiring colors while supplies last or until the end of May.  New colors will be available when the new catalog is released in June!

April Special
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