Jun 11, 2018

Very Vintage - A 2018-2109 Stampin' Up! Hostess Set!

Are you loving the new 2018-2019 Catalog?  I have so many fun things ready to show you!!!  But as is usual in our little corner of the world crazy crazy busy continues!  My daughter has gotten moved out - which was (of course a lot of work).  Those of you who have had the ....experience....of helping your adult children move in/out/in/back out again/etc know it doesn't get any simpler.

She is mostly out.  She is also switching schools - so we also moved a classroom out.  And nearly every nook and cranny of her apartment looks like it has come straight off a Pinterest page.  Which requires assistance from the Parentals.....  (who does she get this from?!!)  It didn't help that it was all happening over catalog switchover, Memorial Day AND helping a Bride with wedding invitations - oh AND June Camp!
Feel free to ask the question after my next sentence....
We leave on Wednesday for a few days away!
"Do you EVER stay home?"
It's ok - everyone else has asked, lol
BUT - I have been filming and photographing....(is that a word?)
See - here is PROOF - with a video that was actually filmed DAYS ago!!!

Just a couple of tips if you would like to try a collage card and have not before.  First - start with your largest images and work down to the smallest.  As you go you can fill in the areas that need it with the smaller ones.  Don't be afraid to overlap - it will get a little - messy, but that's ok!  Use the strongest colored ink for your smallest image as well - and use it sparingly.  On this card I used the new Spruce with the bee - just some highlights were plenty.  

This set is one of the new hostess sets from the catalog this year.  There are several sets in this 30th anniversary catalog that have a 'feel' to sets that were around waaaaay back when - you know in those early days when some of us where around and the internet didn't exist for us to even post a card or dream of TAKING A PICTURE ON A PHONE with!  This set reminds me of some of these sets.  I love the collage style.  I also used some of the new colors - I can already tell that the Granite will be making appearances on many, many projects to come.

Check back tomorrow - I will have 2 fun cards made with the same set - designed by my friend Susan!

  Til then - remember the June online special.  
All online orders that use the June Host Code X3XDAZDG
will receive a Simple Shammy from me in July!

Just a few more days to get a catalog from me that will include a coupon book for this catalog year. All orders placed online the hostess code over $35 will get the catalog and coupon book - offer expires June 30. 

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