Jul 22, 2018

Petal Promenade and Floral Frames Bundle - an ode to 90's Fashion - and an upcoming Facebook Live!

So - today's project all stems from this picture above.  It was a text that we got in our never ending girlfriend group text.  We get together most weeks to stamp, eat, and generally work on our stamping business. (I know - we have the best job ever).  We have some large shadow box frames that we change seasonally.  Susan had started this one and the plan was maybe to finish off what she had started.  When she sent what she had started - I had a sense of deja vu.... I mean I feel like I had worn that paper!  See what I mean.....

I sent the girls these two pictures BACK in the group text.  That's right - you are looking at my wedding dress.  Circa 1991.  First picture was Stampin' Up's Petal Promenade and Laser Cut Specialty Paper.  The next two - my wedding dress.  If you lived that time period you know our colors.  They were "dusty"  My wedding dress......Dusty Rose!  

My bridesmaids - they actually wore the floral design in the Petal Promenade paper, lol.  And - I see on Pinterest that giant bouquets of baby's breath are making a comeback as well.....

We did get together and work on finishing the framed pieces - which led to this card - for it I chose one of the other color schemes that are included in the Petal Promenade papers.
This is not a how to video - but an Instagram TV episode  - but these projects are really much easier to see in 3D - so take a few minutes and have a look at just how much fun, texture and how pretty they are (to see the video in the Vertical form, you can watch it in Instagram!)

If you have not worked with the Laser Cut Specialty Paper yet - you are really missing out - it is LOVELY!!

Photos do not do it any kind of justice!

The video will show you a bit better some of the highlights.  I have not yet put the shadowbox frame on to my project yet.  I am thinking I might add some small black and white photos in with the stamped art.

The Petal Promenade Paper is full of actual photographed art - frames, marble, flowers, copper foils, etc.  It is pretty on it's own.  But when layered with the laser cut or other pieces it really provides a great background.

There are some pink and coral images and then some that are more toward the purple spectrum - that is the paper that I used on my camp project card.  The laser specialty paper is white on one side and vanilla on the other.

I also pulled out all of the embellishment and ribbons that I had in the colors that were in the families that matched.  It is so easy to find things in your stash that will match.  I also used the Floral Frames Bundle - LOVE the dies that go with this set!

Here are the two projects.  Because of the detail I am not going to do one of my regular videos - but I am going to do a Facebook Live and show off some of the items I used and then demo how to do the card for you.  Not sure exactly when (one of the reasons I don't do lives is my crazy schedule - but I am thinking it will be Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon this week).  I will put an announcement on Facebook and Instagram - and in an email with the time when I know when it will be.  So be watching there.  It will go up later.  But the LIVE will have some prize giveaways - so try to catch the live if you can!!

Here is my finished card and unframed art piece (above) and below you will see my friend Susan's unframed art piece below.  They just are stunningly beautiful in real life!

So - don't miss the Facebook Live - you will be SHOCKED on just how easy these pieces are to make - I know they look like they are time consuming..... but it's all an illusion.  You will LOVE it, promise!
When I post the live video to the blog I will add some additional pictures, including the die pictures.  So make sure you check back later in the week.

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