Aug 12, 2018

Angels on Earth - Italian Old World Style Embossing Paste Card - How to Find Design Inspiration

Today's project is SO MUCH FUN!
I am not sure what to call it - I know there are others out there that have probably done something similar.  I like to do original work, so I don't spend much time at all looking at tutorials (I know, I post them and I don't know that I have ever even watched an entire one on Youtube, lol)  It is part of the reason I LOVE to get the Preorder.  There is nothing I enjoy more than getting products that have not been used before - I pop open the box and there it all sits.  What to do with it - that maybe no one has thought of?
This girl reminded me of my favorite spot on the planet.  Italy - well, that whole region of Europe.  Slovenia, beautiful.  
You know I had those dang lemon stamps sitting here for ever (I know, I still have not posted the Lemon Bar IS coming!). They remind me of Italy.
Just to pop over to the Cinque Terra for the afternoon and have one of these delicious little things again.  Put it on your bucket list.  Can you see where I am getting my Angel's Color Inspiration??!  She is a little Lemon Colored!

In fact, this whole entire card was inspired by Italy.  There is far too much detail for me to explain in the project to type it - so if you are interested in recreating it (or just elements) you can watch in on my YouTube ChannelI am not going to embed it, this time I think you do need to hop over there and be able to see it in HD, which you won't get here on my webpage. 

But click on the link here and see just how easy it really is!!

a few "after the video tips"
That's about how much of the refill I added to the paste.  The great thing about this project - even though it may seem a little more 'advanced' - it isn't really.  It's a perfect Step Up project if you feel like you are ready to try something new, but not quite ready to invest in the Big Shot yet.

I did use the Heat Gun, but as I said in the video, just waiting a few minutes to get to the perfect touch dry point would accomplish the same thing.
My no line look was going for the Old World Style.  It give my stamps a 2 in one purpose! Flip her back over later and she is a totally different image!
My "Italian Style" card was based on memories and feelings I get from photographs I have taken. 

 But you can design the same way.  Trips and pictures you have taken - even from your own back yard.  Pictures you may have see online taken by others.  

In fact, when I pulled up my own pictures of this trip - I can get inspired by a whole NEW color palette!  Maybe you can too!
This is a Caper - before it is in a jar at your grocery store! Look at those colors and that texture.
So many greens - and I am so glad that Stampin' Up! gives us so many greens to choose from!  But don't miss the red in the flag, the blue of the sky and again all of the texture and shades of the neutrals.  
This would be a fun color combination to try with the Blended Seasons flowers, no?  As artists we should never be at a loss to know where to start with color combinations - the world gives us so many to choose from.  Just pull up some pictures and try.  You see in my video I have a color of trial and errors.  It's just paper!  If you don't like what you do first, just try a new one.

The effect that I got with the Tin Tile folder and the Embossing Paste was pretty much EXACTLY what was in my mind.  That does not happen every time.  When it doesn't - you just move on to the next project.  But when it does - it is stamping magic!  I do want to get a shirt to wear that says "it is prettier in real life"  Because the photographs do not do this card justice.

I tried some natural light and my little lights.  The paste is colored Crumb Cake - it looks some off color in every single picture. The card has some weight to it.  It is a liberal coat of the paste as you saw in the video.
It makes me want to add a few jars of it to my next order.  How many Stampin' Up! colors do we see on this Italian hillside?  What other folders can I use - I am thinking I want to try the new Subtle one next!

While I intentionally used this Christmas angel in a non Christmas way - I plan on a Christmas decor piece that will draw in several elements of this project in more traditional colors.  I even kept some of the Christmas sprigs from last year.  Remember how I dusted those with the paste and the glitter for snow?  You can BET those will be a beautiful addition!!  If you missed it, you can find them on this site or on my Pinterest page.
I hope you enjoyed seeing how to do this - it is always fun to see how to use things like your Blends and Embossing Folders in new ways!
Toast you with a Granita!

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