Aug 21, 2018

Cheri's Scrapbooks! Some Easy Tips for Titles and Using the Alphabet Stamps & FB POW Sitting Pretty

Today's project is one that will begin a series on Scrapbooking or Memory Keeping.  What I WON'T be doing is showing you a full scrapbook or giving you a list on here is what to do to get ALL of your pictures done by the end of a set amount of time....  Life is busy and moms already have enough to do.  Let's not add anymore to that.  BUT - how about we DO get SOME of the memories recorded so when your kids move out you at least have a few things here and there that are not IN your phone or computer that you can pull out to look at?  Trust me, it will happen faster than you think!

You can see in the video, I am NOT a fan of writing something about each and every picture.  Over the course of future videos I will show you what works for me and what I think can work for you!  It can work with whatever stamps you have.

I hope that you liked the tips to make the two alphabet stamps work - if you do ANY kind of scrapbooking or memory keeping, I highly recommend both of them.  I will be doing a couple of other pages soon and I will use them again to give you some more ideas.

Product List
Make A Difference Photopolymer Stamp Set
Letters For You Photopolymer Stamp Set
Sitting Pretty Photopolymer Stamp Set
Classic Label Punch
Gray Granite Classic Stampin' Pad
Real Red Classic Stampin' Pad
Let me be clear - if you make cards - you already HAVE many of the items that you need to start recording your memories!

I mean - you might not look at the Sitting Pretty set at first glance and see something to use in your Scrapbooks - but at SECOND glance - there are dogs, birds, HEARTS, the words BEST FRIENDS - a Bulldog (my high school mascot!) - 2 different benches if you get the dies and the cute little squirrel.  Think of the many occasions you and your family may find yourself that ONE page that you could journal about an entire weekend or day out (you don't have to write about every dang picture!) that these might be find to add a little bit of fun too!
Don't miss it as a CARD set though - because look at it...oh, the ways you can use it!  It is my Facebook Product of the Week!

Now - Back to Ireland - Because as much as I would LOVE for this to also be a Travel Blog (I even at one time put links at the top - that go no where, lol) I just never have the time.  But allow me to show a few more of the pictures from our afternoon there.  Have you been?  Ireland is a charming country - add it to your list!
We were in Ireland the middle of March-in fact we intentionally arrived just after St Patricks Day to avoid the weekend's price hikes for the other Americans who came to celebrate the holiday there!

So - it was still VERY early Spring/late Winter....but you may remember the US was experiencing a  cold spell here too.  Back in Indiana they would get a snow storm that would drop several inches of snow while we were gone.  

We had visited Scotland the exact time frame the year before and had been surprised with delightful weather.  I had lived there when I was my daughter's age and had totally prepared my family for cold, rain and grey skies.  Ireland did give us some of that.  

Our first day in Ireland was blue and sunny and so beautiful.  I had begun to think I was crazy and it was just my memories that made me think it had been grey so often when I lived there.  But then Day 2.  It rained and rained and was so windy.  Bitterly windy and more rain. And grey.  THERE was the British Isles of my Youth, lol.  The forecast did not look hopeful for the rest of our two weeks either.

But my Irish ancestors must have been looking out for us - because we did see occasional grey skies (like on this day) - but rarely any rain - except when we did the Cliffs of Kerry.

It was nice for my family to get a taste of the cold rain ripping in to your face!  Even nicer then to go to the pub with a fire lit after to warm up.

As I said in the video traveling to both Scotland and Ireland in the spring had advantages and disadvantages - you can see that we were at Blarney Castle with hardly any other visitors.  There were no lines.

When we walked through the Castle itself there were only TWO other families going through.

I do NOT need any more of the GIFT OF GAB, so chose not to Kiss the Stone.  Our daughter did however.  Since there was no one else even up on the top of the castle - the guys were great about letting us do multiple takes with phones and cameras and still shots and videos.

The picture below became one of my favorites - and is the one that is now on my Facebook banner for the year.  We had prepared ourselves to not see everything at the Castle - reading how we would wait in line (even in spring).  We had such little time scheduled for our time there - and then to get to the Castle and literally be the only ones inside at the time - it was such a treat!

A disadvantage to traveling in March - not everything is open - and the flowers are not in bloom.  Here is the Poison Garden (all things that can kill you!) just starting to grow.


The early spring flowers were in bloom.  Mossy green is by far my favorite color - that mixed with the oranges and purples - made the gardens just as beautiful to me as if the flowers themselves were in bloom.

We were the only ones out walking the gardens.  I would love to go back in the summer and see them!

The moss is beautiful.  But as much as I do love it.  I love summer and sun : ) 

Right in the midst of all of the trees the owners had planted from around the world - we did spot some Australian Eucalyptus!

The Stables were where we took the Sitting Pretty Red Bench pictures.
It wasn't until I pulled the pictures back out that I even noticed the bench was there again - in BLACK!

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