Aug 11, 2018

Embossing Paste + Shimmer Cardstock + Blends = Holiday Catalog Magic! Angels on Earth

I have a FUN tutorial downloading for you next!  I bought some - it's not July anymore....but I can't put out the Pumpkins yet - decorations.  They were from Italy - my very favorite country.
Here is my Mother in Law - She was from Trieste - so stylish, was she not?  This was taken somewhere in Italy before the war.

When I sat down to stamp I was inspired by colors of Italy - and I always think of yellow and green.

Textures. All of the textures - new, old.

I know not everywhere you turn is beautiful - but when you are on holidays - you tend to be in the beautiful places - so more often than not it is beautiful!

These were all taken in late May/early June of 2015.

These last few in Slovenia - where my Father in Law was from - just down the road from Trieste and how my in laws met.

We share partial ownership of the family property with my brother in law - when we posted this picture at the time - so of my daughters friends thought THIS was the, no, lol.

Slovenia is where our First Lady is from.  The Alps are there so you can imagine it is truly beautiful - and not many Americans travel there - it reminds me of Europe as it was when I went when I was younger.  

All of this - color, texture, and 'old' went into my card as I sat down to design it - stay tuned for the video!!

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