Aug 20, 2018

Picking Some of my Most Pinned Projects!

I needed to pick a few of my most projects from the past year that represent my "best work" from the last year. do you even do that, lol.  So - I turned to Pinterest and just went with what seemed to be popular over there!    It seemed easier to let other people choose for me.

This card was one we just did the week at Camp - everyone who did it loved it.  It is actually a 2 in one project.  But my pick would be the second card that is created.  You are virtually using the scrap piece of paper that is left from the first card.  So just a run through the Big Shot with a folder and a die - and viola' a card is completed!

Next for a 3D project was the UBER popular Wine gift packaging that we made last November and December.  I sold the lights out of the Test Tubes back then!  
It was also fun because the Blends were still fairly new and using addiction was growing.
That is evidenced on this card - how exciting to get some new Blends on this So Cute Mermaid!  She lives in a glitter sea.

Another favorite - online but also at my camps were these fun little candles we made at Christmas.

The stamp set was by far my favorite of the year!  I fell in love with it the second I saw it.  Every time I see it it makes me want to scrapbook our pictures from our trip to Iceland...... I have such a giant list of things to do.

The little decorations could not have been any simpler.    

Speaking of Scrapbooking - there is a new pheasant stamp in the upcoming Holiday catalog...I have that sitting here.  It is in hopes of getting some Scotland pictures done.  I hope to use the Mermaid stamps for a trip we took to Connecticut.  But ALL over my table I am in the process of getting our Ireland pictures in the album.  I have one page that is decorated.  I do NOT do them all.  But I do have on my list of business things to do - to start posting my way of scrapbooking on video for you!  Here is a sneak peak of one page
Finally - here is my most popular Youtube must be ok for that many people want to see it made.  Right?  
I hope you enjoyed the walk back through some of my favorite cards from over the last year!

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