Oldies, but goodies!

Here are some fun samples – all over the place, but maybe you can find inspiration with them! The popsicle card was one of my all time favorite summer cards – I am sure we will need to do a variation of it at the upcoming retirement gala camp. The colors are so bright and with the crystal effects, they really do look good enough to eat. The cherish card

Mixed Bouquet

I LOVE this set, I realized I had many more samples from Petal Prints (even found some more for another picture), but it is because I have used so many of the cards I made with MB to give on card giving occasions….thus the stash is small. My favorite card is the NQN with the twill. The twill was new at the time and I just loved the belted accent

Chickens are outta Cluck!

Saying so long to my next favorite set on the List – Best of Cluck, looks like the chickens are out of time….. They are fun and so many uses for them. I have a recipe card I am doing this week for Pavlova (one of our favorite Aussie desserts – actually for Ris’s birthday we often do a Pav – which takes about 8 egg whites and then 2

What else retires?

Not only do all the stamps listed on the retired list disappear when the new catalog comes out, but there are other things that will be gone as well. IN Colors for one – and anything that has In colors ‘in’ it (papers, etc). The hostess sets will also be gone, so host now and get them while you can!! My workshop hostesses for June can pick a set JUST

Going Out in Style!

This time of year is so……. well, this time of year! Stamps hit the retiring list (this year with a BIG gusto!), school is winding down (which means there are even more activities than usual!), I have ONE weekday til Memorial Day that doesn’t have something scheduled on it…. You look back over the ‘year’ that was (can she be getting ready for 8th grade???? is it time for a