Wrapping Up Day Six in Scotland Down in the Borders

Day Six of our Scottish adventure was one for the record books.  We crammed so much in to it.  We started the morning off in the beautiful Highland Mountains of Glencoe.  This could be one of the most stunning places on earth.  We stopped off for a look at Inverary Castle for our own little Downton Abbey experience.  We drove through the Trossachs and Loch Lomand to stop for tea

Dumbarton Scotland – Lunch at Overtoun House

Getting closer to finishing up the pictures from our 2017 Sottish Adventure……challenge is on to get them all done before we leave for Ireland in a few weeks.  Unfortunately day 6 is taking several posts, and this one won’t finish it up. In 1985-1986, this was my ‘driveway’ and on this day of our trip we were able to return to have lunch at my old home.  The house is

Day 6 in Scotland – Leaving the Highlands – Inveraray

As we made our way from from Glencoe toward the area of Glasgow and Loch Lomand it meant leaving the beauty of the Highlands behind.  Inveraray is known as the gateway to the highlands. It appeared to be a charming little place – we were on a bit of a time crunch though and we may not have stopped at all – except……. Ris and I are huge Downton Abbey

Leaving Skye through Loch Ness to Southern Inverness – and is Choc Caramel Slice an Aussie or Scottish invention?

Leaving the Glen we took a look at our list and the hours of daylight left – we already realized that we would be arriving at our Bed and Breakfast in the dark (which we didn’t want to do – but on a Stojk trip this is one of our traveling ‘rules’ that we break nearly every. single. day.  Apparently we like driving in the dark without a clue of

Today It’s Back to Scotland!

In June I quit my office job with a goal to give focus to my own business again.  July was spent traveling on some vacations with both of my sisters and my family and then in August it was “back to work”.  This month I was part of a challenge to blog every single day.  And it has been just that – a challenge!  This week has been so busy….then