Day Three – the Road to Skye

Day Three trip continues on from Doune Castle and Dunblane Cathedral.  If you look at the road map you will see Stirling (where we started that morning).  There are really only 2 roads that take you to the Isle of Skye (over in the top left corner).  We chose to go via Pitlochery (half way up the map, right hand side) and then go east from there.  Our goal was

Stirling and the Scottish Weather!

Day two in Scotland started in Edinburgh.  We drove to St Andrews in the morning and after a walk around town there we were off to Stirling.  (when I type of my phone it has autocorrected to sterling, ug, keep fixing it but I may have messed one here or there!) The crazy weather day continued.  We spent the afternoon at the Castle.  These 4 videos were recorded over the

St Andrews – the birthplace of golf!

Day Two in Scotland – Edinburgh to St Andrews to Stirling If it’s been a minute (or never, lol) since you have looked at a map of Scotland, here is one of the lower 2/3s which is where we were traveling. Scotland is about the size of Indiana.  Of course – they have mountains, glaciers, lots of lakes, glens, valleys, hills, coastline, oceans, northern lights while we have meadows and

Arriving in Scotland – Edinburgh

This past March we spent a wonderful week in Scotland.  Looking back over the pictures – I realize how much we crammed in to each and every day!  While we were there I did post several pictures on my Facebook, but wifi was often spotty at best – and I never touched a computer, only my phone, so I plan to add some camera pictures and the details that go

Rome at Night – Truly Magical!

By the time our night tour of the Vatican had ended, it was pretty late.  The city was quiet and there was a very light rain falling.  We took a train back over to our side of the city.  We hopped out near the Coliseum.  We wanted to make sure that we saw it at night – and there were gelato places still open!  We had gelato everyday at least

If you are in Rome in the summer and wish to tour the Vatican – doing a night tour is something I would highly recommend.  Rome can be really crowded and pretty warm!  Touring the Vatican in the evening cuts down on both of these.  There are a few things that are closed off during the evening. However the trade off of actually being able to see the rest crowd