Yesterday I spent the ENTIRE day running errands.  It was strategic.  If I got every.  last.  thing.  done.  then I could stay at home all day on Saturday and cross thing after thing after thing off of my gigantic to do list.

Best Laid Plans.  Especially of mothers.  If you don’t have kids and plan to one day.  You just wait.

I got home from my very long Friday of errands – and my child slips in the little tidbit that “someone” will need to run her across town on Saturday.  At 11.  So she can meet up with friends to drive down South for a wedding.  My husband is on demo day, remember.    Had I been armed with this knowledge hours earlier I would have switched errand days.  But you don’t just “run over” to Broad Ripple.

Since I was trekking to the other side of the city I did a full day of errands  – take 2.

I picked up some fun things for our renovated hall – and some treats for me.

First – there was ONE box of these.  Seriously on some days – I would fly to France – just for these.  Well – if I was going all the way to France I would get the Raspberry ones – at least I would eat those first, but the lemon are a very close second.  Every time I am at a Home Goods, TJ’s or Marshalls I look for these. Every time.  Today I was starved.  And there was one slightly smashed box.  I ate one as soon as I was in the car.  If you ever see the FRENCH ones – get them.  Unless you are in Indy – in that case, text me.  I will get them.

I was looking for an ‘airy’ hall desk to replace a vintage card catalog cabinet that had been sitting here for years.  I really wanted nothing – because once we moved the huge card catalog with all it’s lovely zillion drawers the hallway looks so spacious.  But – I have lots of Christmas decorations – and where will the hall ones go if there is no where to lay them in the hall?

Priorities!  The floor needs its baseboard.  Walls need paint.  I did get a couple of pictures and will be ordering canvases of pictures we have taken on trips.  But – PROGRESS!

Then there was this.  It was worth the day!  It is a thin mug.  I am kind of particular about my coffee mugs.  It’s Kate.  As in Spade.  And it’s a Telegram.  The Green caught my eye, as it matches my kitchen.  BUT – IT’S A TELEGRAM!  I am fairly certain that our generation will be the last to have lived that actually ever received one as a real thing.

When I was young and saw people get them on the movie it seemed so ‘magical’.  Then – when I was in my 20’s I actually got some.  I had an emergency of sorts in India and it was really the only way to communicate to my family in 1989.  There was no phone where I was staying.  But I was disapointed that I couldn’t type….Hello.  STOP.  Emergency.  STOP.  LOL.
When we got married it was an Aussie thing to have telegrams read at the reception from all your friends you could not attend.  They all sent telegrams.  We got married in 1991.  All the weddings we went to in 1989, 1990 – they read the telegrams.  Then PROGRESS!  We were so HIP – at our wedding – people sent EMAILS!  (but we called it the reading of the telegrams – because the internet was still confusing…..I think email was a tad confusing then too?  To be honest, not sure how our friends sent them and to whose computer???) But after that – I don’t remember Telegrams being read and no one ever gets them any more. So, thanks Kate Spade – for a mug of the perfect thickness of glass, to match my kitchen that can remind me of times past.
Now – the project I will be working on tomorrow for you requires some time in the kitchen!  So that is my next stop this late Saturday night.  Sweet dreams.

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