Our last stop of the day is just before you make it on to the Isle of Skye.  I am not sure how long we stayed – maybe 30 minutes or so?  And what you see here is a fraction of the pictures that we took while we were there.

It was blue and clear, but the sun was starting to set so as you walked from one side to the other the colors changed.  It was take your breath away beautiful.

Since then I have been rather obsessed with pictures online – you can start HERE and then google images.  The different seasons and different shades of sun – every shot is gorgeous.

I have not edited any of these – but at some point I might.  They are from two cameras (a regular digital and a mirrorless) and my Iphone 7.  They all picked up the light a little differently.

I want to get one of the images on a canvas – but how to choose?  Help!  Do you have a favorite?  I am partial to the ones where you can see the flag – but there are a few ‘flagless’ ones I like maybe better.  Let me know your choice!

 The castle was built in the early 13th century – although through the centuries it changed a lot.  During the Jacobite rebellion it was destroyed quite a bit.

 Just near the small area where you park your car – is a cottage that you can stay in.  If I had known beforehand, then I would have loved to have stayed there.  Next time…..in the Autumn, lol.

It was closed when we arrived – but I think I preferred it that way.  We were the only people there, so no one was messing up my pictures!  Most places, even if closed, you can walk around and see a lot.  (Just shut the gate behind you!)  Serg walked over and walked around the castle – I was busy taking pictures from across the bridge.

You can have your wedding here – can you even imagine?

From this part of the trip until we were back toward Glasgow – the signs and names are in Gaelic.  Eilean isn’t a person – it is Gaelic for Island!

 If you look online for wedding pictures taken at the castle – oh, the ones on the bridge!  They are stunning!

Karisa took a lot of footage on her GoPro – but we have yet to watch any of it!

 It was such a wonderful day – I wondered if our trip had peaked too early!  That was easily answered the next day….  Hope you enjoyed the (many, lol) pictures of this little island and her castle!  If you get married there, let me know – I want to come!

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